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Welcome dear gym bunnies.

As women, keeping fit, doesn't mean we have to lose our feminine appeal covered under baggy old t-shirts and track pants…regardless of our shape, size and body structure.

Looking good means feeling good…even when you are breaking out into a sweat during a workout. Embracing our curves is the first step to a healthier more confident you. Thegym bunny gal differentiates herself by being seen with the right kind of gym clothing and accessories that liberate her image from being stereotyped as “ordinary" or boring. For her, exercising and feeling good overall is like breathing….

The gym bunny aims to bring you desirable and comfy fitness gym gear with a trendy style to flaunt...as well as to bring newer and fresher designs each time....our focus is on capturing the true meaning of urban fitness culture with style, elegance and with emphasis on quality and reliability. We are also venturing into recruitment within the fitness industry, more specifically scouting for new and upcoming health & fitness models (within S.A). Hey, if you got it… why not flaunt it ? You’ve certainly earned the right to do so ….

So please email us for details. We are so excited to launch this service, and we look forward to your comments on how to improve it, including products you’d like to see offered in the future. Go ahead and check out our range of exclusive labels and start defining yourself as a gym bunny gal .. and successfully invite attention and envious complements your way!

Machine Hog

The Gym Bunny